Industry 4.0 and digitalization: what about security?

Emergency coronavirus, now it is clear that technology has assumed an absolutely leading position in allowing all actors of society to continue working, where possible, at a distance and with digital tools.
It was a sudden, necessary jump, which however can make it possible to create new opportunities in the next phase, that of recovery from the crisis. The Industry 4.0 we talked about is probably the highest level you can aspire to, the highest degree of automation based on artificial intelligence.
Simultaneously with this is the downside. An increase in the technology in use inevitably corresponds to a greater risk in relation to cyber security.

It is the World Economic Forum in the study “Covid-19 risks Outlook” that provides a preliminary map of the pandemic effects on various sectors.
The highest risk is that of cyber attacks, violations of privacy and in general the use for illegal purposes of the network.

In all probability, smart working will continue and for this reason a large number of tasks and professions will be automated. With the help of digital technology, the final step will be taken which will make those automations that could be considered “hybrid” totally independent, that is, with a man-machine collaboration.
One of the concerns expressed in the study is that of cyber risks. Cyber ​​attacks, theft of sensitive data: it is a fact that the Covid-19 crisis has greatly accelerated dependence on digitized economic processes.
No less important is the concrete risk that the infrastructures themselves are critical. With the exponential increase of workers in smart working, telecommunications networks, energy networks and financial services must always be able to operate at their full potential.

Given the situation that is being experienced for companies, the opportunity to accelerate towards more technological and sustainable operating models, highly digitized and that increase productivity is evident.
Technology has played a fundamental role in crisis management, without the whole world it would have suffered an even harder blow.
There is therefore an immense potential to create new innovation and growth, to improve the governance of technology.



Source: corrierecomunicazioni.it