internet for all

Internet for all: the project for an easy access to the network for African countries

The web, a connection for everyone.
Africa is not a continent that enjoys easy access to the network, so starts with Durban the ambitious “Internet for All” project that wants to facilitate access to the network to 22 million people in South Africa over the next two years , with the World Economic Forum‘s partnership.

According to statistics from the International Telecommunication Union, only 52% of South Africans regularly have access to the web. The biggest obstacle is the high cost of access to the service.

Internet for all: How to connect African countries?

The Internet for All initiative was adopted by several African countries during the World Economic Forum in Kigali in May 2016 on the topic of “Connecting African Resources through Digital Transformation“.
The project aims at speeding up access to the Internet through new public-private partnership models.

“This project will help us achieve our national development goals by 2020. It is a big challenge but it is feasible if we work together to spread the infrastructure where it is not available” said the Telecom and Post Office, Siyabonga Cwele.