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Internet: how much has the connection speed decreased since the start of the lockdown?

The connection speed in Italy in the early part of 2020 had grown, but since the start of the lockdown this growth has stopped abruptly due to an increase in network traffic.
In the period from 9 January to 27 February 2020 the download speed in the national territory had gone from 33.06 Mbps to 43.65. This should mean a significant 32% increase, returning much faster download times.
Below is the situation prior to the lockdown in the various Italian regions:

velocità internet

According to the research conducted by this positive trend, in which Campania (+ 83%) and Lazio (+ 70.52%) could be counted in the head, suffered a sharp setback due to the very strong increase in traffic families for entertainment, to which has been added the mass of workers in smart working with the need to exchange files, make video calls, etc.

From 9 March onwards, the network has been severely stressed by the total lockdown and the practically total use that is being made of it. The data corresponding to the school also determines the overall speed: all Italian students are obliged to use video conferencing software and large data exchange.
Unfortunately, the regions that have most suffered the blow were Emilia Romagna (-46.26%), Umbria (-43.83%), Sicily (-40.15%).
Here is the overall picture of the Italian regions as of April 27, 2020:

velocità di connessione durante il lockdown


Fiber gains ground

Due to the generalized drop in performance, many families have decided to opt for faster connections, with a nominal speed of up to 100 mega and where possible with access to optical fiber.
The Italian territories in which it was decided to proceed in this direction compared to the months preceding the lockdown are Friuli Venezia Giulia (+ 187.50%), Puglia (+ 180%), Veneto (+ 153.25%), Campania (+ 125.25%), finally Abruzzo and Basilicata (+ 100%).
Although some regions are actually bucking the trend, we have to assume that this trend will still continue given the protracted measures related to the coronavirus epidemic.