iot in italy

IoT in Italy, a 3 billion market which is growing

IoT in Italy

IoT in Italy is a market which continues to grow dramatically, thereby promoting the country’s digital development.

The market, according to the Polytechnic University of Milan’s management, offers entirely reassuring data: 2.8 billion Euro in 2016, a 40% increase compared to the previous year, with a clear growth of applications that work by leveraging mobile connectivity.

The “park” of objects, which in Italy are connected to the network, have reached 14.1 million, further increased by the addition of other connection technologies such as the 36 million electricity meters connected via PLC (Power Line Communication), gas meters that communicate via radio-frequency (1.3 million) and 650 street lights for intelligent lighting.

Home automation

Among the areas that will be developed further in the future will be: smart cities, retail with the ability to gather data on consumer behaviour and smart agriculture, where the Internet of Things offers opportunities not only in terms of product traceability, but also for the management of agricultural activity, especially when looking at high-value crops.

In the near future, further acceleration of the smart metering, smart car, home automation and industrial IoT markets is expected.