An industrial alliance is possible between Italy and Africa

As part of the Ottobre Africano Festival, the LUMSA University of Rome hosted a conference dedicated to industrial relations between Italy and African countries. These relations are intended to play a key role for all parties in question: Italy in search of markets in which it can develop, Africa in partnerships that will help it to enhance its vast potential.

Ottobre Africano

“Italian industrial culture for Africa’s development”. An intentionally ambitious title for a conference that tried to investigate how Italy and Africa can work together for mutual growth. The event was held on the 20th October at the LUMSA University of Rome, organised by the Cultural Association Le Réseau, Assobiomedica, Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo and the Board of African Ambassadors in Rome. Among the speakers were Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia and newly elected Chairman of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo. The initiative is included in the broader framework of the Ottobre Africano, a cultural, itinerant and multi-disciplinary Festival, that tours throughout Italy for one month to talk about Africa.

Industrial revolution

African industry, although growing, is in need of large-scale projects to play the role of “economic engine” for its own gain, creating jobs and raising the per-capita income. In this, Italy can play a strong supporting role, bringing its experience particularly in the field of small and medium sized businesses and establishing itself as a key partner.

VueTel Italia’s commitment

During his speech, Giovanni Ottati cited the example of Burkina Faso, supported by a video made inside the headquarters that VueTel Italia has in the country. The Italian company is working in situ on a project for cooperation and dialogue with the University, with a view to strengthening the knowledge and skills of young people. This involves the commencement of a virtuous path that creates added value for both parties and fits into VueTel Italia’s mission to contribute its business expertise to the growth of the African continent.