Italy 2.0, its enemy is digital spread

VuBlog offers a press review dedicated to the theme of digital spread in Italy.  Italy is far from the world’s top league; broadband needs public and private investments to grow and keep abreast with the most advanced economies.  

Digital spread in Italy

Massimo Sideri investigates for the theme of digital spread that separates Italy from the most advanced economies. A separation that has grown over time, for the lack of investments and of long-term vision. The country risks falling behind just at the time when the Mediterranean becomes a strategic place for world telecommunications.

The digital agenda is struggling along

Started in 2012, the Digital Agenda had the ambitious goal of bringing a new wave of digitalisation to Italy. gives a summary of the situation and detects many delays and issues. But a positive turning point is possible.

Broadband in chaos?

Alessandro Longo, director of, published an article on Wired in which he criticises the broadband status in Italy. The problem, he states, is not the accumulated delay, which is reducing, but the absence of a “global vision” to guide the development policies in the sector.

Positive signs for broadband development

An article of “Il Sole 24 Ore” shows the lights and shadows in Italy’s I-Com profile. The Institute for Competitiveness places Italy at the 25th place amongst European nations for broadband development.  The good news is the speed of growth: Italy is amongst the “fast movers”, the countries that show signs of higher dynamism.

The initiatives of the Italian government: pros and cons

The online newspaper dedicates two articles to the public initiatives directed at contrasting digital spread. The Government has decided to allocate 2.2 billion Euros for broadband development, but the action plan does not fully convince the experts.