Italy, UAE and India: a strategic corridor to be designed

The United Arab Emirates today represent a strategic country for India, an advanced hub for the development of trade between India and the rest of the world, especially in the most strategic sectors such as telecommunications, transport and logistics. The Indians make up the largest foreign community residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Entire districts of Abu Dhabi and in particular Dubai are almost totally Indian. The numbers, for example, show that 2.6 million Indian expats live in the UAE, 27.5% of the total population.

The United Arab Emirates are today the leading market for Indian exports, with a total volume of 25.4 billion dollars, mainly foodstuffs and manufacturing products, mostly re-exported to other countries, both in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean and Africa.

The persistent internal tensions in the Gulf countries, as well as the difficulties in extending their logistical capacities, could represent a strong obstacle to the future development of the Indian economy and its need to increase its commercial outlet channels.

In this social, political and economic context, Italy with its production excellence and logistic platforms has all the characteristics to integrate the Dubai hub and strengthen its economic and commercial ties with both the United Arab Emirates and India, drawing a strategic corridor parallel and complementary to the Chinese one.