Kenya and South Sudan linked by an optical fibre cable

Thanks to World Bank support and financing, the two African countries will be connected by an optical fibre cable which will also improve economic relations. The network will be ready to start operating by the end of 2019.

The World Bank commitment

The World Bank has announced that it is ready to invest considerably in the optical fibre network development project between Kenya and South Sudan. In more detail, the international bank body has allocated over 40 million dollars for this infrastructure to be implemented and it should come in operation in February 2019. The countries involved will be responsible for laying the cables inside their respective territories: costs will be around 15 million dollars on the Kenyan side and around 25 on the South Sudan one.


Hope for South Sudan

The World Bank’s main goal is to enable South Sudan to remain linked to the technological growth of Africa’s entire eastern region, for organic, balanced economic progress. In fact, for the country, on its knees after a long civil war, this is the first optical fibre since it obtained independence in 2011. A strategic project to keep it in stride with its neighbours, also improving economic relations.

Kenya aims high

For Kenya, the project is part of the country’s wider optical fibre network development plan that the government means to increase to reach 2,100 km, with branching to cover all the 46 administrative districts. Of these, about 1600 km, the government promises, will be ready by December 2015. For some years now, Kenya has chosen to invest heavily in ICT technologies, with excellent results: for example, in 2015, Nairobi was elected the “smartest” city in Africa.