Kenya plans its GRX and thinks like a leader

Nairobi is ready to accelerate its digital development. The Kenyan Government has announced the creation of Africa’s first Global System Communication Roaming Exchange, the fourth in the world. A project destined to have a far-reaching impact on the quality and cost of both voice and data telecommunications services.

Nairobi’s GRX

Kenya continues step by step to strengthen its image as a country at the forefront of the telecommunications and ICT sector within the African landscape. The latest chapter of this growth is the announcement of an ambitious new project: the creation in Nairobi of a Global System Communication Roaming Exchange (GRX). The structure, aimed at providing a reference hub to both voice and data roaming connections for various mobile operators, will be the first of its kind in the whole of Africa, the fourth in the world, after Amsterdam, Singapore and Washington. A real leap ahead for the country, which joins the global powers of technological innovation.

Kenya at the forefront

On several occasions, VuBlog has given space to projects that Kenya is gradually crediting as a continental driving force in terms of telecommunications. This is the case with the fibre-optic backbone and the new connection cable with Sudan. Investments that are helping to boost the country’s economy and make it an attractive location for companies in the sector.

The GRX project fits into this course of action. The aim is to act as a reference point not only for local operators but for those active in strategic areas such as Europe, Asia or the Middle East. The effects of the presence of this structure, currently the only one in Africa, will mainly have an impact on quality and cost. In fact, it will be possible to achieve a better definition of voice and data services offered, substantially reducing roaming costs.