Africa is hungry for broadband

The development of broadband, in Africa, goes faster than the rest of the world. This continent is a market with a high growth potential for telecommunication operators.

Broadband continue to grow

The expansion of the number of broadband connections, both fixed and mobile, continue to be the main objective of the telecommunication operators as well as the governments of many countries in the world. This is shown by the data spread by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) which, as every year, has published the “Measuring the Information Society Report”, a detailed report on the state of the ICT development in the world. According to this analysis, in fact, the growth trend, which the broadband communication has already registered for some years, has strengthened.

It is the African continent that takes the lion’s share in this race, which slowly but inexorably is closing the gap that separates it from the advanced countries and so it registers the highest growth rates. In particular, sub-Saharan Africa, in 2014, saw an increase in broadband connections of more than 40%, it is almost twice as much as the general average.

The potential of Africa. Till today, despite its strong growth trend, Africa is still a continent with a high need for connection, far from the levels of excellence represented by the developed countries. All that also makes it a market with a potential much higher than any other region in the world, and so a key territory to consider in the telecommunication business.

In the last 15 years the request for Internet access has grown exponentially: the African netsurfers, who were about 4.5 million in 2000, today are more than 300 million (+6498%, with respect to a worldwide increase of 721%). Despite this boom, the area of population which is still without connection is equal to 74%, or over 832 million people. According to the ITU data, the level of penetration of the broadband in Africa has reached 19% in the mobile lines, whereas it is constant at 0.4% in the fixed lines. The comparison with Europe makes the difference clear in terms of growth potential: in the old continent the two percentages are respectively 63.8% and 27.7%.

Therefore, Africa is advancing much more than the other countries and will continue to do so for a long time if it is supported, all along the way, by appropriate investments, in terms of infrastructures, innovation and research.

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