Mobile data, financial inclusion and new markets: smartphones are changing the face of Africa

With the exponential growth of smartphone users in Africa, there is a growing need to optimise data usage so as to manage costs more effectively. In addition to Asia, Africa will also lead the next wave of growth for smartphones, but the Sub-Saharan population in particular still has so many obstacles which stand between potential customers and financial inclusion.

The importance of optimising mobile data

Whereas the majority of users who access the Internet are doing so by mobile devices, it is becoming increasingly necessary to optimise the use of data to effectively manage costs. This is the case in Africa where “mobile data should not be confused with Wi-Fi, a useful tool to connect wirelessly to fixed-line Internet connections” recalls Andrè Louw, CEO of Mobile Data on the It News Africa website.

Obstacles in money transfer services through mobile devices

The transfer of money through mobile devices is a tool now owned by the population of Sub-Saharan Africa, but it is also true that this fast-track approach as part of a wider financial inclusion still has many obstacles. As It News Africa once again reiterates, there is still a lack of awareness and basic prerequisites in potential customers together with a still limited appreciation of the benefits affectively arising from this type of service. 

Asia and Africa will lead the next wave of growth for smartphones

The smartphone revolution is not over yet and Asia and Africa will lead the new wave of growth. The analysis forecasts from GSMA Intelligence confirm this, demonstrating how annual smartphone sales in North America and Europe over the next five years will remain stable, while in Asia the market will continue to expand.