Mobile technology leads the African digital revolution

GeoPoll, a statistical analysis platform, and World Wide Worx, a leading company in the market research for the technology sector, have written the report “The mobile Africa 2015” describing what mobile phone services are the most exploited by African users. Research involved 5 major countries of the continent (South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda), for a total of 3500 people interviewed.


Results vary considerably from country to country. En Nigeria, for example, the use of mobile telephones for activities related to social networks is widespread: 72%. Ghana, on the contrary, registers the highest percentage of users who use the mobile to browse the Internet: 51%. Download of applications allows getting the greatest results in South Africa (34%), while in Kenya mobile telephones are very used to send SMS (55%). Finally, Uganda is the country where there is the highest number of people who, through their mobiles, listen to the radio broadcasting in FM (46%).

On the whole, as also explained Arthur GoldstuckCEO of World Wide Worx, “South Africa is the country where broadband infrastructures are most solid”; in other countries, in fact, some services are spread among a greater number of people, but they are used less intensively.

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