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Mobile telephone industry in Africa: penetration rate exceeds 103%

The mobile telephone industry in Africa and specifically in Senegal is undergoing a very interesting rate of development, according to the latest report.

The penetration rate of the mobile telephone industry in Senegal reached 103.25% at the end of the first quarter of 2017, as announced by the telecommunications authority in its latest report.

As at 31 March, there were over 15 million mobile telephone lines in Senegal, with the major market operators being Orange, Sonatel, Expresso and Tigo. Compared with the previous quarter, the penetration rate increased by 0.64 points. Communication volumes also grew by 1.67%.

As regards the Internet market, there were 8.5 million connection lines, down 1.2% from the previous quarter. Africa, however, is a country that promises good in many technological fields, up to the space industry.

Land line telephones?

Land line telephones, on the other hand, which had been in decline for over a year, increased in the first quarter by 1%, as a result of new offers by local company Sonatel on ADSL Internet services. However, there were only 288,652 lines in the country.

As is always the case in developing countries, the timings of the penetration rate in terms of technology are slower than in other areas of the world and, especially, occurring in scattered areas throughout the region.
It is, however, encouraging to report a positive average trend that is in line with