Mobile telephony in the West Africa

Mobile telephony in the West Africa, high growth coming

The mobile telephony in the West Africa area over the next few years will be the main driver of growth. This is confirmed by the latest report by Gmma (Association of Special Mobile Groups) that brings together 800 telephone operators.

According to analysts, the number of subscribers in the region should grow by 6% per year over the next 4 years, an evolution that will bring 45 million new subscribers to a total of 220 million. The rate of penetration would thus pass from 49 to 53%.

The average growth in the mobile phone market will therefore be higher than the world average, which will be 4.2%.
The main engine of this growth will be located in Nigeria, which alone will account for two-thirds of this increase. Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Senegal will follow, which will represent a quarter of growth.

This evolution of the  mobile telephony – writes Gsma in the report – is favored by the accessibility of smartphones, the development of high speed and good investment.
Currently, 23 4G networks work in seven countries in the region, of which 14 are from the beginning of 2016, and all countries operate 3G.