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Modernize Africa’s education and training system for digital jobs

African governments have been called upon to make modernization of education and training systems priorities to better prepare its workforce for the influx of new digital jobs for the continent’s young job seekers.
The Foresight African report 2017 says that global dynamics indicate that China is losing its competitiveness in low-end manufacturing of ICT hardware.
There is an opportunity for African countries to take advantage too, adding, that this will require massive, practical capacity building in Africa’s SMEs through maker spaces or incubation centers.

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The importance of digital jobs

With improved access to the internet and a more open policy environment, African enterprises could be better equipped to leapfrog and create innovative solutions, it said.

The report additionally said the adoption of 4G in sub-Saharan Africa is dismal owing to the fact that the relevant spectrum is still tied up in analog broadcast.