Networked Readiness Index, the ranking of the most technological “responsive” countries

In a context where there is a strong need to transition to systems that bring together digital technologies in increasingly cutting-edge combinations, the Network Readiness Index measures the level of “digitalisation” of world economies.

The technological “responsiveness” index

In the infancy of the fourth industrial revolution, the need to transition to systems that bring together digital technologies in increasingly powerful and cutting-edge combinations continues to grow. Against this backdrop, the Networked Readiness Index is the key indicator measuring how countries are dealing with the digital age and its constant updates. This subject was addressed during the World Economic Forum 2016, with a discussion on how much (and especially how) the modern economy uses information and communication technologies to increase competitiveness and well-being.

Data, studies and evaluations

The Network Readiness Index shows how every country addresses this transition, a kind of “responsiveness ability” that is measured through the analysis and combination of various factors. The analytical data is collected by international agencies such as the International Telecommunication Union, UNESCO, the World Bank and other United Nations agencies. Additional indicators come from the World Economic Forum’s Executive Opinion Survey. The evaluation also notes whether or not the country has the necessary drivers for digital technologies to meet its potential and, more specifically, the impact that these technologies have on the economy and society.

Results and interesting observations

What emerged from the last comparison is definitely significant. For example, it is interesting to note that economic power does not necessarily reflect the availability of the network. One need only note that among the top 10 Asian countries, while Singapore is at the forefront, China is only four points higher in the ranking compared to Sri Lanka. And yet, 7 countries stand out particularly in terms of the economic impact of their corporate digitalisation. Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Singapore, the Netherlands and the United States.