What do NFTs are?

When we talk about non-fungible tokens, we mean cryptographic…
13 September 2021/by Alessandro Pasotti

Beyond 5G, the new communication standard is ready

The mobile industry’s technology experts have already defined…
28 May 2021/by Alessandro Pasotti

From this year 5 million Italians ready for 5G

What is the impact that 5G is having on early smartphone users…
19 May 2021/by Alessandro Pasotti

Assafrica, Ottati, companies: Africa, incalculable opportunities in the coming years

"To work in sub-Saharan Africa, a company must not make the mistake…
1 December 2020/by VueTel
africa continent

Changing Africa: startuppers, companies and universities compared – “L’Imprenditore”

From "L'Imprenditore" the article by Ely Szajkowicz

The Alma…
26 November 2020/by VueTel

Three key factors for investing in Algeria

During the country presentation between Italian and Algerian…
26 November 2020/by VueTel

The University of Bologna with Africa, between innovation and sustainable development – Press Release

Within the European Researchers' Night, an appointment to tell…
24 November 2020/by VueTel

Corporate strategy course, choice of countries and conditions for developing a strategy for entering new markets

November 17 - A meeting was held between the President of…
19 November 2020/by VueTel

We want Barhain to be the investment partner of choice for Italian businesses

Many small medium size companies in Italy are looking for international…
4 November 2020/by VueTel

The most strategic platform for logistic in the world

Event dedicated to Egypt, with the participation of the Federation…
23 October 2020/by VueTel

VueTel, the first Italian-Palestinian industrial partnership come to life

Vuetel Italia and REACH, a Paltel group Company, will create…
9 September 2020/by VueTel

Sudan in the international community – Dire.it

Read the complete article in Italian:
“Il Sudan di nuovo nella…
15 June 2020/by VueTel

Doing Business in the New Sudan – LIVE STREAMING

Giovanni Ottati's speech during the webinar "Doing Business in…
11 June 2020/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Sudan: The three strategic corridors, the interview with Giovanni Ottati

SUDAN - "Sudan can represent a strategic corridor linking Asia…
11 June 2020/by VueTel

Africa Day 2020, Facebook live streaming

Today, March 25th is the Africa Day.

This event is celebrated…
25 May 2020/by VueTel

Africa Day 2020, Italy and Africa united against the pandemic

25 May 2020/by Alessandro Pasotti

Giovanni Ottati for Vadoinafrica Business Lab – video interview

Below is the video of the complete interview with Giovanni Ottati,…
4 May 2020/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Ottati-Assafrica, there is space for Italian companies, but more support is needed

Rome, April 18- "Africa has never really entered the agenda of…
21 April 2020/by VueTel

Italy, UAE and India: a strategic corridor to be designed

The United Arab Emirates today represent a strategic country…
10 April 2020/by VueTel

Vuetel never gives up

In this moment of difficulty due to Coronavirus or COVID-19,…
16 March 2020/by Gabriele Bartolini
giovanni ottati bahrain

Bahrain, His Royal Highness the Prince meets Italian companies

Yesterday, 4 February, an important business meeting was held…
5 February 2020/by VueTel

Confindustria Assafrica and Mediterraneo: the working groups to define the new lines of strategic development start.

Yesterday, 30 January, the annual assembly of Confindustria Assafrica…
31 January 2020/by Gabriele Bartolini

Invictus – the minirugby tournament is back

As every year, "Invictus" is back, the minirugby tournament that…
10 December 2019/by Alessandro Pasotti
Kuwait Italy Expo 2020

Kuwait Italy Expo 2020

On December 4th, a meeting between Kuwait representatives and…
6 December 2019/by VueTel

Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria on a mission to Palestine

From Saturday 30 November to Monday 1st December there will be…
28 November 2019/by VueTel

Vuetel invests in Tunisia, the press releases

(In Italian)


 Rassegna 27 settembre 2019 - Vue…
23 September 2019/by VueTel

New corporate video 2019!

11 September 2019/by Alessandro Pasotti

A different view on Africa (from L’Imprenditore)

Read here the article in Italian from L'Imprenditore.
23 July 2019/by VueTel

Italy-Mozambique Business Forum, meeting with the President of Mozambique in Confindustria

On Tuesday, July 9th, a meeting on "Italy-Mozambique Business…
10 July 2019/by VueTel

Giovanni Ottati opens the Eastern Africa Business Forum 2019

The President of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo Giovanni…
12 June 2019/by VueTel

Eastern Africa Business Forum, Ottati: “The Italian industry through Africa can recover the competitiveness lost in the last 20 years

In the margins of the Eastern Africa Business Forum 2019 the…
12 June 2019/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

The article by L’Espresso on Africa and development

Below is the article in Italian by Mario Giro's L'Espresso on…
10 June 2019/by VueTel

The US Roma Rugby boys to Verona

During this weekend our US Roma Rugby boys of the Under 8-10-12…
3 June 2019/by VueTel

Interview with Letizia Moratti and Giovanni Ottati on ClassLife

Below is the video broadcast on ClassLife during the meeting…
29 May 2019/by VueTel

ITW 2019 23-26 June 2019, Atlanta Georgia, USA

27 May 2019/by Gabriele Bartolini

Africa, the meeting at Tosetti Value on development and entrepreneurship

In Turin, on May 15, at the Tosetti Value headquarters, the meeting…
22 May 2019/by VueTel
Alessandro Pasotti

Three days of cooperation at EXCO 2019: VueTel presentation to companies

At Fiera Roma, the first edition of EXCO 2019 was held from May…
16 May 2019/by VueTel

TLC, VueTel in the Open Hub Med Consortium

Here you can read the press review (Italian language):

9 May 2019/by VueTel

VueTel awarded at the Networking Day of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo

Read here the press review:




18 April 2019/by VueTel

Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, 10 years and the loyalty of the associates

16 April 2019/by VueTel

US Roma Rugby: in three years from the failure to the promotion in B Series

I would like to thank the President Fernando Salsano, all the…
1 April 2019/by VueTel
quantum computer

A leap into the future: what is a quantum computer?

So often on our blog we talk about Artificial Intelligence and…
28 February 2019/by VueTel

US Roma Rugby, this is what we mean for passion

Saturday, January 26th US Roma Rugby with the touch rugby team…
16 February 2019/by VueTel
macfrut 2019

MACFRUT 2019, the presentation to the African embassies

February 13th it was presented in Rome at the African Embassies…
15 February 2019/by VueTel

Strategy Morocco, the country is moving ahead

14 February 2019/by VueTel

Cyber Security: what to expect in 2019

Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčSecurity has been a recurring trend for several years,‚Ķ
18 January 2019/by VueTel

Quattro aziende in corsa per le attività italiane di BT Рrassegna stampa

"Sarebbero quattro in corsa per le attività italiane di BT Group,…
15 January 2019/by VueTel
trend 2019

What technological trends for 2019?

In the world of business, technology is moving and evolving quickly.…
14 January 2019/by VueTel
sole 24 ore

A four-way race to reveal the Italian assets of the BT Group – Il Sole 24 Ore

Read the article of Sole 24 Ore here
14 January 2019/by VueTel

“CV at Lunch”, Vuetel takes part in the recruiting initiative in Roma Tre University

Tuesday, December 18 Vuetel participated as a company in "CV…
3 January 2019/by VueTel
us roma rugby invictus

Invictus, the third edition of the rugby tournament in Rome

December 8th in Italy is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception,…
11 December 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

The agri-food sector in the Mediterranean area: how is the situation?


The second edition of "Mercato Mediterraneo" was held…
30 November 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati DIRE

Africa, Italy and the industrial development

On Friday October 26th, diplomatic representatives from African…
31 October 2018/by VueTel

Will Artificial Intelligence steal the job?

The advance of technology brings great changes in every sphere…
18 September 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Capital increase for Vuetel, much stronger the international match

Injection of resources for 750 thousand euros for the Tlc company…
25 July 2018/by VueTel
direttivo us roma rugby

US Roma Rugby 1947 alongside Vuetel opens the new season and prepares to move up to Serie B

New 2018/2019 season for US Rugby Roma 1947. CEO Giovanni Ottati…
19 July 2018/by Alessandro Pasotti

Bahrein, meeting between Giovanni Ottati and Laurent Sansoucy

On 27 June the event "Bahrain: Meeting with EDB-Economic…
4 July 2018/by VueTel

Tunisia, horizons of growth

Tunisia has great potential for growth, explains Giovanni Ottati,…
31 May 2018/by VueTel
tunisia faro del mediterraneo

Tunisia, the lighthouse of the Mediterranean

On 14 May, a meeting was held in Florence in the Palazzo Vecchio…
25 May 2018/by VueTel

VueTel lands in the USA – Press Review

VueTel lands in the United States. The Italian company specialized…
9 May 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati chad

Giovanni Ottati: “Chad is a crucial Country, Italy must invest”

18 April 2018/by VueTel

Giovanni Ottati, pioneer of Tunisia-Italy industrial alliance: “Tunisian competences a great support for data analysis and artificial intelligence

Rome, 14 March - Tunisia focuses on the digital economy…
16 March 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati zimbabwe

Assafrica & Mediterraneo, president Ottati: “Zimbabwe as a hub in southern Africa”

Rome, 21 February 2018- "Four years ago there would not have…
22 February 2018/by Alessandro Pasotti

Giovanni Ottati meets Minister of Foreign Affairs Ghandour: “Excellent collaboration, more Italian industry in Sudan”

The businessman and President of Assafrica & Mediterraneo…
9 February 2018/by VueTel
vuetel connected to the future

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning help industry to grow

31-01-18_Bitmat.it_AI e Machine Learning possono migliorare…
2 February 2018/by Alessandro Pasotti
secondo mandato giovanni ottati

Assafrica & Mediterraneo, Giovanni Ottati reconfirmed as Chairman

PRESS RELEASE ‚Äď Giovanni Ottati confirmed as Chairman of Confindustria‚Ķ
3 January 2018/by VueTel
giovanni ottati e us roma rugby

VueTel and US Roma Rugby 1947: sport, passion and social commitment

Pietralata, in Rome, is a neighbourhood on the city’s east…
15 December 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Giovanni Ottati opens the Economic-Mediterranean Forum

Confindustria has organized, in collaboration with ICE AGENZIA,…
4 December 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

The interview of Giovanni Ottati on “Milano Finanza”

Here you can read the interview of Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel,…
21 November 2017/by VueTel
Bahrain-giovanni ottati

Entrepreneurs: Bahrein meets Assafrica

Bahrain has landed in Rome: a country's top delegation presented…
27 October 2017/by VueTel
fulvio picecchi

Fulvio Picecchi, CIO and CTO Data of VueTel, at University of Perugia

At the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Perugia Fulvio…
3 October 2017/by Alessandro Pasotti
giovanni ottati

Italia Africa Business Week, the video of the press conference

Here is the video of the press conference of Italia Africa Business…
25 September 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati africa business week

‚ÄėItalia Africa Business Week‚Äô, two days to discover a continent

"Bringing the gap between communication and knowledge between…
21 September 2017/by VueTel

Vuetel vademecum to defend itself against cybercrime

VueTel suggests how to crack cyber attacks and counteract digital…
15 September 2017/by VueTel
invest in africa

Webinar #InvestireinSudafrica 2017

Here is an extract from the Webinar #InvestireinSudafrica 2017…
10 July 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati assafrica

Meeting Southern African Development Community – SADC with Giovanni Ottati

14 Southern African countries: Angola, Botswana, Congo, Lesotho,…
19 June 2017/by VueTel
intervista giovanni ottati

Africa, Italy and the work system. The Africa & Affari video interview aired on Reteconomy

The African continent far from stereotypes. The Africa of development,…
6 June 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati e il ministro tunisino del commercio

Giovanni Ottati and the Tunisian Minister Zied Ladhari at the Conference about technopoles

25 May 2017/by VueTel
cyber security

The SHIELD project and cyber security: a step towards solving the problem

According to the Clusit report, 2016 was a terrible year for…
16 May 2017/by VueTel



The Group specializing in international telecommunications…
15 May 2017/by Alessandro Pasotti
delegazione tanzania

From Tanzania to Vuetel’s headquarters

On Friday, May 12, a Tanzania delegation visited a business visit…
8 May 2017/by VueTel
roma rugby mini cup

Vuetel Roma Mini Cup, the great Roman Minirugby Festival with fifteen clubs

More than fifteen companies in the Capital and the surrounding…
5 May 2017/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Giovanni Ottati at the Craxi Foundation: Tunisia. Hope in the Mediterranean

ROME, May 4 - Today, the Craxi Foundation has held the conference…
4 May 2017/by VueTel
valerio moretti teles milano

TELES Lounge Italy 2017 in Milan

Here the video of the TELES Lounge Italy 2017 in Milan , with…
12 April 2017/by VueTel
technologic innovation

Technological innovation in Africa: any tension?

Is regulating technology important in Africa? Nothing can elaborate…
17 February 2017/by VueTel


VueTel, Italian group of telecommunications services operating…
16 February 2017/by Alessandro Pasotti

Giovanni Ottati met the President of the Tunisian Republic at the Quirinal

February 8th, 2017 - Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia and…
10 February 2017/by VueTel
open hub med

Open Hub Med ready to be launched: VueTel Italia will develop interconnections to ensure efficient and safe connections I Press release

Adhering to the new telecommunications hub for the exchange of…
22 December 2016/by VueTel


VueTel Italia is ready  to be part of Open Hub Med, the first…
20 December 2016/by VueTel


VueTel Italia is ready  to be part of Open Hub Med, the first…
20 December 2016/by VueTel

An industrial alliance is possible between Italy and Africa

As part of the Ottobre Africano Festival, the LUMSA University…
26 October 2016/by VueTel

Madrid, Toronto, Paris: VueTel Italia weaves its international network

Sector conferences are a special occasion to meet new potential…
24 October 2016/by VueTel

VueTel Italia will attend MTX in Rome

Taking place in Italy in the heart of the capital, the first…
1 July 2016/by VueTel

VueTel Italia at the International Telecoms Week

VueTel Italia will attend at this year’s International Telecoms…
4 May 2016/by VueTel

Campus TLC, a digital bridge between young people and work

VueTel Italia is launching Campus TLC, a project aimed at young…
17 March 2016/by VueTel

VueTel Italia at Capacity Middle East

VueTel Italia will participate at the 11th edition of Capacity…
25 February 2016/by VueTel

VueTel Italia invests in the young talent of CUS Roma Rugby

Shared values
VueTel Italia is coming down on to the pitch alongside…
30 December 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia hosted by ‚Äú La Sapienza ‚ÄĚ University

CEO of VueTel Italia, Giovanni Ottati, was welcomed by the “…
16 December 2015/by VueTel


VueTel Italia decided to expand its range by launching data services:…
20 November 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia looks to the future: data services and arrival in the USA

VueTel Italia wants to continue growing and to do so it has decided…
9 November 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia at Capacity Europe 2015

The old continent's Capacity Conferences cycle has its 15th edition…
26 October 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia at Capacity Africa 2015

Tomorrow, the annual meeting dedicated to the African market…
7 September 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia is one of the companies supporting the project Open Hub Med

Open HUB Med will be located at Italtel in Palermo Carini. Within…
31 July 2015/by VueTel

VueTel Italia continues its development path

VueTel Italia continues its growth and development path, and…
17 July 2015/by VueTel

Cher Nouri

Cher Nouri,

Tu nous as laissé. Je ne même pas eu la chance…
13 July 2015/by VueTel


VueTel Italia is ready to broaden its TLC services to the Sub-Saharan…
28 April 2015/by Alessandro Pasotti

VueTel Italia and Epsilon together to grow in Africa

VueTel Italia chooses Epsilon as its development partner.
30 March 2015/by VueTel

Giovanni Ottati (VueTel Italia) to Il Sole 24 Ore: ‚ÄúWe intend to thrive in Tunisia‚ÄĚ

The 750 Italian entrepreneurs who actively work in Tunisia represent…
27 March 2015/by VueTel

VIDEO| SkyTg 24 Economia interviewed Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia

After the serious attack which took place on the 18th March at…
25 March 2015/by VueTel

Combes, CEO of Alcatel Lucent: ‚ÄúWe point to Africa‚ÄĚ

Alcatel Lucent points to Africa.
‚ÄúAfrica is the heart of tomorrow.‚Ä̂Ķ
23 March 2015/by VueTel

Morocco: what was said at International African Development Forum

Appointment with history.
Over 1200 economic and institutional…
17 March 2015/by VueTel