Smart Home, the future at your fingertips

Smart Home was the main theme of “Connections Europe”, the conference dedicated to the ‘internet of things’ that took place on the 10th and 11th of November in Amsterdam. VuBlog puts forward a brief overview on the theme, with some articles that will help you to better understand the framework for the development of the houses of the future, through business and innovation

The business of smart homes

The turnover of goods and services that are linked to smart homes will reach 123 billion dollars in 2020. An article in Forbes confirms this and refers to a recent report from Deutsche Telecom. According to the study, within 10 years, around 300 million households will make use of smart devices connected to their homes with consequent exponential increase in demand.

Consumer influence

Consumer tastes and preferences dictate the market for products linked to smart homes. To better understand the current trends, ITProPortal interviewed Kevin Wen, President of D-Link Europe. The leader highlighted that in the last 12 months there has been a large sway in public opinion toward possible interactions between technology and the home.

An issue of security

The major concerns of consumers relating to smart homes are linked to the issue of security. However, in a study by Nominum, taken from an article in NetworkWorld, it was revealed that 37% of those questioned consider the current levels of protection appropriate.

Thinking big

According to Adam Fingerman of TechCrunch, to fully reap the potential of smart homes, there needs to be a change of mentality, we need to see the big picture. In particular, we should no longer focus on the need of the individual or family but on that of the entire community in question. In fact, it is the community who can benefit from the construction of a society that is truly connected, and “smart”.