Nigerian mobile sector worth $ 13 billion

According to the Nigerian Ministry of Communications, the mobile sector in the country is worth $ 13 billion. An industry that contributes significantly to the country’s growth and on which the Government has focused a lot, in order to offset the drop in revenue from oil and gas extraction.

Nigeria focuses on mobiles

The future of Nigeria is in mobiles. It is not just a question of technology or of the inevitable progress of the population’s habits, but it is also, and above all, an economic matter. Nigeria ‘s future is in mobiles as it is a rapidly growing area which is worth about $ 13 billion today. Confirmation of this comes from Nigeria ‘s Ministry of Communications, which points out that in general the ICT and TLC business is that which the government is focusing on to offset the fall in revenues from trade in oil and natural gas. A strategy that is paying off, given that during the first four months of 2016 the sector grew by 10%.

Thirst for data

The fact that new technologies can be a good trigger for development is also shown in the data from a survey by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum which looked at Nigerians who use mobile services. The survey confirmed that Nigeria is one of the most connected countries in Africa and it has given rise to a growing “thirst” for data by Nigerians. In fact, 34% of mobile users pay to increase their data package and 45% buy more than 2GB per month.

Internet usage from smartphones is booming, especially that linked to the use of messaging apps and video viewing. Over time, the use of strategic online applications and services is set to spread considerably. 45% of respondents, for example, said that they use banking service apps while a great potential for developing those related to health services was revealed.