Open Cellular, Facebook accelerates on the Internet for all

After and a project relating to drones, Facebook presents Open Cellular, its latest initiative on the Internet for all. The goal remains the same: to connect the segment of the world’s population that still has no access to the Internet. This time the tool is a portable wireless platform covering a ten-thousand kilometre radius area and providing the Internet to 1,500 people.

The Internet for all passes to Open Cellular

It goes without saying that Facebook is doing everything to provide the so-called Internet for all, or ensuring access to the network for billions of people who are still without. In order to succeed, it is implementing a series of ambitious projects such as or Free Basics.

The most recent is Open Cellular, a portable wireless installation. With shoe-box dimensions and comprising just two parts, it is very simple to assemble. Once activated, however, it can cover an area of ten thousand kilometres in diameter and provide access (2g, 3g or 4g) to approximately 1,500 people. A kind of small but powerful repeater that can be mounted even in adverse conditions and which can lower infrastructure costs for telecommunications.

Internet for all as a human right

The new Facebook initiative is still in its infancy and assessing the results is difficult. Surely, however, it is a symptom of a widely-held belief, that access to the Internet is a primary asset, a true human right. Better yet, the Internet is a tool that can combat social inequality and give effect to basic human rights, from education to health.

Without doubt, behind the social network’s activism there are direct economic interests (further expanding its pool of members), but it cannot be denied that this proactive approach is an outstanding example for all industry operators, both public and private.