giovanni ottati

Ottati-Assafrica, there is space for Italian companies, but more support is needed

Rome, April 18- “Africa has never really entered the agenda of Italian companies. Today for the first time we have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the limited presence of Italian companies compared to the presence in Africa of other countries, from China to India and Turkey, whose presence on the continent, incidentally, speaks very little.

Below is an extract from the speech by Giovanni Ottati, President of Assafrica & Mediterraneo:

But tools are needed: Sace needs to support companies more in this period – not only in Italy but also abroad -. Its operations in many countries are now severely limited on the basis of political risk compared to the opportunities present and Italian banks are unfortunately not present in Africa “said Giovanni Ottati, President of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo, speaking at the web conference” Economic and social consequences of the pandemic in Africa “, organized by Africa and Affairs on April 18th.

“I think Africa will eventually be the continent that will come out with less damage. Young people have no alternative to regional markets and diversification of economies” said Vincenzo Ercole Salazar, Italian diplomat currently seconded to ANCE “.” But we need a Control room to create a system in Africa “underlined Emanuela Colombo-Milan Polytechnic.
And contrary to popular belief and that of many western countries, the African leadership has moved in an incisive and coordinated manner “concluded Massimo Zaurrini-Africa e Affari, who moderated the debate.