industria 4.0

Post Covid crisis, an acceleration towards Industry 4.0?

When we talk about Industry 4.0 we usually mean that fourth industrial revolution that includes partial or total automation of production processes.

An evolutionary trend that is intertwined with the even wider world of the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning.

In our blog we have already touched on the topic by delving into the technical and development aspects. In part, this is a process that has already begun, especially in specific sectors that can more easily rely on information technology, but specific connection infrastructures will be needed to move the amount of data necessary for a real revolution.

But what role will the health and therefore financial crisis play in this industrial change? For some months 8 million workers and their respective companies have been forced to put together a forced smart working system, but in all probability as Bill Gates said “many things will change in the future” and that “the company will always move more towards digital “.

The vaccine is still far away and the rules on social distancing have heavily impacted on the world of work, which necessarily must increasingly take advantage of the tools that the digital world has to offer.

From business trips to meetings, many companies could change the way they work permanently, giving more and more weight to virtual tools. It would therefore be conceivable that this trend triggered by the post Covid crisis could speed up the process of digitalization of work, proceeding with great steps towards a complete fourth industrial revolution.

Of course, there are infrastructures that are still incomplete, such as the 5G network, which would be a key point for allowing information to move, eliminating latency and maximizing data circulation.