SeaMeWe5: the new generation submarine communications cable

The SeaMeWe5 is a cutting-edge infrastructure, intended to perform a central role in the TLC network. An innovative submarine cable system connecting Europe and South-East Asia across 17 countries. International Telecoms Week, the world’s largest meeting of wholesale TLCs, has decided to dedicate a panel to it at the next meeting in Chicago (8th-11th May), thereby confirming SeaMeWe5’s importance. 

20 thousand kilometres of innovation

It will be put into service in November 2016 and will ensure a significant increase in data exchange capabilities between Western Europe and South-East Asia. Known as the SeaMeWe5, it is a submarine cable system 20 thousand kilometres long, equipped with 100 Gbps DWDM technology and capable of an overall capacity of 24 Tbps.

The new infrastructure, whose implementation will be funded by 15 major international telecommunications operators, will touch, along its path20 landing points, stationed in 18 different countries: Egypt, Yemen, Oman, Indonesia, Italy, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, France, Singapore, Saudi Arabia. A broad and detailed mapping which ensures crucial intersections with land extensions and other submarine communications cables.

SeaMeWe5, a strategic infrastructure

Creators and promoters of the project SeaMeWe5 emphasise the strategic importance in the global telecommunications network. Furthermore, the cable will operate along a route which joins Europe to the Far East, which promises to be, in the not too distant future, one of the central TLC traffic arteries. Asia is, in fact, one of the continents (together with Africa) where, according to estimates, voice and data traffic will grow the most, hand in hand with the spread of the internet and smartphones. This is why the industry major international players are looking at this area as a very promising pool of business.

International Telecoms Week, the main international wholesale telecommunications event  held from the 8th to the 11th of may in Chicago, is dedicating an in-depth panel to SeaMeWe5, thereby confirming its importance.