Smart Mobility, the digital revolution takes to the streets

In the smart cities of tomorrow, equally smart cars will be on the roads. Intelligent vehicles that will revolutionise the concept of urban mobility, both in terms of comfort for the driver as well as benefits for the environment. Not surprisingly, interest is growing around this issue, from governments, large corporations and researchers.

From metropolis to smart city, in 5 moves

According to the blog  Fastweb, there are 5 fundamental technologies that will transform a normal city centre into a futuristic smart city. Among these are the innovations related to smart mobility, with a special focus on developments that may come from the world of big data and its analysis, a line of research with enormous potential.

The White House’s Commitment

Given the strategic importance of the “smart city” theme, the White House has decided to take to the field with major investments. The Obama administration has invested 80 million dollars, distributed across 70 city centres, to make them into laboratories of innovation. In particular, as reported by, 15 million dollars will be earmarked for smart mobility.

The McKinsey prophecy

The analysts at McKinsey have no doubts: smart cars are the future and are destined to revolutionise the automotive market. The core of this change, underlined in an article by Fleet Magazine, will be represented by the management of big data, a development that seems well regarded by consumers who say they are willing to share their data with a view to digitalisation and consequent improvement in the quality of life.

Ford’s wager

If the market points decidedly in one direction, the big players cannot afford to lag behind. This is why the car manufacturer Ford has chosen to invest heavily in the field of smart cars, including, not just electric cars, for which 4.5 billion will be allocated, but in studies and research to build a new mobility concept, as explained in an article by Borsa Italiana.