Smartphone market is growing: China ahead, Africa in second place

AFRICAMobile phones are now the starting point to allow easy access to the Internet. The concept does not change for developing countries, Africa above all.

The last report edited by GSMA, the association that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, highlighted this data.
In Africa, where 43% of the population lives on less than $1.90 per day, the drop of average prices for a smartphone is playing an important role to provide an access to associated services. Not to mention that diffusion in the market of devices that cost less than $20 has encouraged this tendency.

According to data provided by the GSMA, Africa is the second continent after Asia with the highest growth rate. However, it is also the country with the lowest penetration rate of mobile phones.
In 2020, individual users in Africa will represent 51% of the population, and this amount is growing faster than in the rest of the world.

However, for structural reasons, it seems that the rate of 4G users in the sub-Saharan region will be 7% in 2020 (whereas in North Africa this rate will be 14%, as with the Middle East).

The increasing use of smartphones will bring a greater spread of financial services. According to GSMA, the transfer of cross-border remittances will become much more common in East and West Africa, and many operators are already getting prepared to provide services to users that are more and more demanding.