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Subsea cables, Pentagon wants a new one

Subsea cable are never enough for the US military. Following this, the company  Xtera has won a second order to build a new cable.

This order comes from the Pentagon’s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), but the agency and the company do not specify how long the cable is, nor where it will run.

From Xtera they reply with Robert Richardson’s words: “This award validates the effectiveness of our core submarine turnkey solution offering, utilising high-capacity subsea repeater technology, as well as the proficiency of our expert professional team.”

Furthermore, this is not the first announce that comes from DISA. In fact Xtera already said back in 2004 that the company would build a 1.500 km cables for the Pentagon, in order to operate in its Southern Command area, officially based in Miami.

What is DISA?

DISA is a part of the Department of Defense that operates from Fort Meade, Maryland, and it gives no informatio about where the latest cable will be installed, nor when it will be in service.

Last thing, Xtera said it “will deploy a full turnkey subsea system, including undersea optical repeaters”, and noted that its high bandwidth undersea amplifiers for field-deployed units can carry up to 40Tbps on a single fibre pair.