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Startup: competition by TechCrunch in Sub-Saharan Africa

Apparently TechCrunch is going to host its first startup competition in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Thanks to its sponsor Facebook the competition will be brought to Nairobi on October 11 this year.

The aim of this initiative is to look for sub-saharan Africa’s best innovators, makers and technical entrepreneurs to participate in TechCrunch Battlefield Africa 2017.
There are three categories to apply: social good, productivity and utility, gaming and entertainment.

The judges will chose a winner in each category and select an overall winner, “Sub-Saharan Africa’s Most Promising Startup,” whose founders will win $25,000 USD in no-equity cash plus an all-expense paid trip for two to San Francisco to compete in the Battlefield at TechCrunch’s flagship event, Disrupt SF 2018.

Sub-Saharan African startups are helping unleash the region’s potential, from last-mile technologies that deliver edtech, agritech, and medtech to remote areas, to mobile-based fintech innovations that ease financial transactions and lending in bustling cities.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s diversity in language, culture, politics, technology and living standards demands huge creativity from entrepreneurs.

Sub-Saharan African startups, for example, have proven themselves particularly skilled at innovating with low-cost mobile applications, rather than capital-intensive, high-broadband web applications. That makes sense in a region where access to a mobile phone is often more likely than access to clean water or electricity.

If you want to know more about this initiative check TechCrunch website here.