Professions in telecoms companies: the Chief Technology Officer (Business Data)

Fulvio Picecchi, CTO of the Business Data Unit at VueTel Italia talks about the Chief Technology Officer’s role and activities in a telecommunications company. A strategic professional role with a changing profile.

CTO, an evolving role

According to a “textbook” definition, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) is the person responsible for assessing, selecting and monitoring the most useful technologies for the production process in a company. It is a role that appears to be very technical.

“Certainly the technical skills related to the sector in which the company operates are fundamental”, explains Fulvio Picecchi, CTO Data of VueTel Italia, “but the Chief Technology Officer’s management responsibilities are becoming increasingly important”. Therefore, it is a role for a real manager who must be able to coordinate the relevant team,set up and implement development projects. “He/she is often involved in the technical details of daily operations,” he continues, “but in the future the operational activities will be carried out increasingly by engineers, leaving supervision to the CTO.”

People are central

People are central to my work,” underlines Picecchi. “All the activities that I carry out on a daily basis are reported to and shared with the department.” The point of reference is the team that makes up the Business Data Unit of the Company, a team that he describes as “small but highly qualified”. “The strategic choice is clear: to have few people in key roles and invest in their training and development, both personal and professional. The Technical Data Department Team is constantly and continuously learning.”

Building from scratch

Fulvio Picecchi, Chief Technology Officer Data, is managing a fundamental moment in VueTel Italia’s recent history: the establishment of the business unit he heads. In fact, in 2015 the Company chose to expand its services, adding data services to the voice services already provided.

“Starting a new BU has been a demanding job,” says the manager. “We have designed the new network based on the best practices available and many years of experience in the field. We have implemented the first nodes of the new network in London and Marseilles, covering all aspects. Lastly, I have personally concluded the contracts with the first customers.”

However, also in this field, human resources are central: “One of the most important investments that VueTel Italia has made with the opening the new BU,” concludes Picecchi, “is the investment in personnel.”