Telecoms & ICT: January events

There are four important dates to note for the month of January in relation to the world of information technology and telecommunications. We begin on 18th January, with the forum on the internet of things and sustainable cities, to be held in Singapore. And we end, in contrast, with the 12th SEE Telecoms event, a conference on the telecoms market in South-East Europe, hosted in Belgrade on 28th January.

Internet of Things in Smart Sustainable Cities

The new frontiers of “smart” technologies meet the social challenges linked to sustainable development. On 18th January, in Singapore, a Forum will be held on the subject of the use of the internet of things in the construction of sustainable cities. The greatest experts and engineers in the world of IoT will be gathering in this Asian city-state.

Customer Experience Management in Telecoms

From 25th to 27th January, London will be hosting the managers of the biggest international telecommunications firms for their annual meeting, on the theme of “customer experience”. In a continually evolving sector subject to rapid changes, staying constantly up-to-date and always offering new incentives is the best way to retain customer loyalty.

IT Expo

IT Expo is the main global event for telecommunications services aimed at medium-size businesses, retailers and service providers. It is being held in Florida, from 25th to 28th January. Over 6000 participants are expected at the event, and 180 corporate stands; the programme includes presentations from over 100 speakers.

SEE Telecoms

Belgrade will be hosting the 12th SEE Telecoms event, the forum for telecommunications businesses in the countries of South-East Europe. The forum is intended to be a platform for managers and staff interested in investing in these markets: a space for networking, discussing development opportunities and looking at shared strategies.