The challenge AAE-1, the submarine network linking Asia, Africa and Europe

25 thousand kilometres submarine cables which will connect the south-east of Asia, North Africa and Europe, to mark a new age on the broadband market. The project, called AAE-1, is ambitious but realistic, and will be the focus of a panel scheduled for Tuesday, May12 at the International Telecoms Week.

The new network, which will come into operation by 2016, for the first time will connect the most important countries of South Asia with Africa and Europe, going through the Middle East. In the specific instance, according to what reported in the web site, the nations concerned will be: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Oman, Emirate Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, Djibouti, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece, Italy and France.

First versione of AAE1 project - early 2013

First versione of AAE1 project – early 2013

Second version of AAE1 project - june 2013

Second version of AAE1 project – june 2013

Last version of AAE1 project

Last version of AAE1 project

The project AAE-1 aims to enrich the international network that is already full of submarine cables, which today has more than 260 active lines, whose overall length is more than 800 thousand kilometres, where passes from 95 to 99% of the worldwide data traffic. A complete mapping of this network was made by TeleGeography, a company which deals with research in the world of telecommunications.

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