The future is 5G

The 5G network is the future, and it is closer than ever. The telecommunications big players are preparing to meet the challenge, supported by the principle governments and international institutions. However, there is the question of the cost of this revolution and its real potential.

The features of 5G

What is 5G? What features does it have? How is it different from 4G? A Trusted Review article attempts to answer these questions, presenting a profile of the technology that seems destined to revolutionize (once again) the mobile network world.

The big names of TLC are preparing for the challenge

The major international telecommunications players are preparing themselves to be 5G leaders. The challenge is being played out with partnerships, clusters and joint projects. The portal presents a summary of the state of the art, with an eye to the developments expected in the coming months.

Europe’s moves

In view of the development of the 5G network the European Union has begun work on regulations to make the very high frequency band (700 MHz) available, which is now occupied by the digital terrestrial channels. It should be available by 2020, as pointed out in an article by the Italian press agency ANSA.

The cost of 5G for the USA

Preparation for the advent of the next-generation network will cost the United States around 104 billion dollars. The estimate, taken from a Key4Biz article, was made by iGR Research and includes all the necessary investments for the implementation of all the necessary elements for the future high speed network.

Italy’s moves

Key4Biz again, in an in-depth article on Europe, focuses on Italy’s position in the global framework of preparation for the advent of 5G. The intention is to set up a lab for the study of the new network at ISCOM (Institute for Communications and Technology).