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The Internet on smartphones, Nigeria is number one in the world

In Nigeria, mobile telephony is one of the showpieces of the country’s economy.

Nigeria is and remains number one in the world as regards the popularity and use of mobile phones. According to a recent Twinpine Network report, the penetration of mobile phones in what is Africa’s most populous country with around 190 million inhabitants, touches 74%, but the real record is achieved by the use of the Internet on smart phones, which reaches 81%, more than India or South Africa.

In the African context, Nigeria is well placed economically. In terms of GDP, it leads the way in Africa and is the 26th largest economy in the world: the oil industry is one of the deepest-rooted forms of business, but the tertiary sector now accounts for 25% of total GDP.

Within the sector, banking, filmmaking and telecommunications are the most flourishing and fast-expanding. In particular, the TLC sector has grown so fast that, alone, it now accounts for 8.7% of the country’s entire GDP.

According to the survey, between 2015 and 2016, the volume of mobile telephony data traffic increased by 5%.

In the document entitled “2017 Nigeria Mobile trend report” we are informed that the country has 91.5 million mobile phone users and that it takes the world record as regards multi-sim card holders.

The dynamism of this sector is tied to the fact that Nigerians are very much into social networking and are big users of the Internet for work relations, for exchanging emails, for the online viewing of video programs or for listening to music.

Also very widespread is the online purchase of all types of products – and surprisingly, we are told that more men than women visit online stores – while 71% of Nigerians use smart phone Apps for banking operations.