The Mediterranean Sea as the main focus of Tunisie Telecom’s strategy

The Mediterranean Sea is increasing its importance as fundamental crossroad for the international network of telecommunications. Aware of this, the managers of Tunisie Telecom have chosen a long term strategy to strongly and firmly position the company in this area. The acquisition of Go Malta is part of this strategy. The company is solid and healthy, with almost 28 million euro of profit in 2015 (+28% respect to 2014); moreover it controls the 51% of Cablenet, the operator of Cyprus.

This investment is more valuable than what apparently seems. On the one hand, Tunisie Telecom strengthens its bonds with Libyan market that, beyond Tunisia, has strong connection with Malta.  On the other hand the company advanced with determination in Middle East front, becoming the first Mediterranean TLC operator to do this. In fact, Cyprus Island is a strategic point for linking Lebanon, Syria, and represents a docking station of important undersea cables coming from Middle East.