TLC infrastructure in Africa, the Many Possibilities report

Steve Song, author of the “Many Possibilities” blog dedicated to telecommunications in Africa, has published the 2015 report on the state of TLC infrastructure in the continent. The aim is to fill an information void on the subject with the collection of data and its interpretation. 

The Many Possibilities report

Many Possibilities is a blog on the telecommunications sector in Africa. For the second consecutive year the author has attempted to collect, in a summary report, all available data on the development of TLC infrastructure in Africa, as at 31 December 2015. The result is an in-depth study of seven paragraphs packed with data, supported by detailed tables. It presents an overview of the current state of the various networks: submarine cables, land backbone systems, metropolitan networks and Wi-Fi. To conclude there is a section dedicated to the operators in the field, noting that the TLC sector is increasingly opening up to the presence of players from other similar sectors, such as the technological giant Google, or players from the energy sector.

Land and submarine networks

The data emerging from the report on the development of undersea and land data networks are very interesting. There was considerable activity regarding undersea cables in 2015. Between updates of existing routes and starting new projects, the African network has seen an increase in capacity of tens of terabits. The trend reveals the growing optimism of the entire sector.

In parallel, the increase has also affected the land backbone system, with projects in 19 countries, for total investments amounting to 730 million dollars. In addition, the sector is growing significantly in China, which is taking on a leadership role. 29