US Roma Rugby, this is what we mean for passion

Saturday, January 26th US Roma Rugby with the touch rugby team players took part in a day that will hardly be forgotten by sports fans.

The Bisonti, Frosinone team, have welcomed our boys in the sports facility of the Rebibbia District House, with the warmth and passion that distinguish a splendid sport like that of rugby.

us roma rugby

Our boys have distinguished themselves in a wonderful day, made of healthy sport and a great desire to play, highlighting all the values that identify this beautiful sport.

These are the important days, those that put the passion and the team spirit first, the achievement of a goal, with enthusiasm and the desire to challenge oneself.

To the Bisons Rugby, Cooperative Gruppo Idee, to the LITR and to the FIR, thanks to US Roma Rugby and VueTel, the sponsor, for this wonderful sport event.