Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, the network’s 2020 horizons

The Visual Networking Index from Cisco (business partner of VueTel Italia) is one of the richest and most authoritative international  publications in the field of connectivity development. The 2016 edition sets out the details placing 2020 as the horizon. The overall result shows a world in which the Internet will have become increasingly relevant, driven in particular by the mobile sector and, more specifically, by the use of video contributions via smartphones. In this infographic VuBlog offers some of the key excerpts from the report, which detail this development trend.

Internet users:

Average annual growth of Internet traffic:

Average annual growth of data traffic from mobile phones:

Internet traffic from mobile phones: 6.9% of the total –> 18.9% of the total

Average monthly traffic from mobile phones per capita –>

Video traffic: 63% of the total –> 79% of the total

Connected devices per capita:

Average connection speed: