Vodafone recounts the mobile revolution

Vodafone has set up a multimedia studio with the aim of recounting and illustrating the story of the “ mobile revolution ”, the relationship between access to the network and the fight against social inequality. Smartphones, in the hands of the world’s most vulnerable populations, can be an extraordinary tool for social and economic emancipation.

The mobile revolution according to Vodafone

Vodafone has also had its say on the widely discussed issue of the relationship between access to the network and the fight against socio-economic inequality. And it does so thanks to a study carried out by seven international experts on the subject. The result is a detailed, graphic-rich, multimedia report, supported by video contributions (in the online version), which recounts how and to what extent the spread of the Internet on mobile devices can ensure that the most vulnerable populations have the opportunity for freedom and development. At the same time, the Company is concerned about showing public institutions and private investors how to implement a series of good practices that may provide momentum for this process.

The report consists of four chapters. The first is dedicated to an overview of the topic and the subsequent three chapters are, likewise, focused on more detailed insights (gender inequality, micro entrepreneurship, small farm holdings).

Mobiles and development

Since 1980 disparities in income and access to services have increased exponentially as a result of globalisation processes. Yet today globalisation, in its clearest expression, i.e. the Internet, may be the solution to the problem. Access to the network means, first and foremost, access to information and therefore to knowledge and education. The network also allows infrastructural barriers, often the primary cause of the denial of rights (e.g. E-learning projects and distance learning), to be overcome. The important thing, according to Vodafone, is that those public and private entities accountable continue to invest intensively in this direction.