Vu-chain by Vuetel, the new blockchain platform to change the world of telecommunications

There’s a new challenge for the Vuetel Group and it is named Vu-Chain.
The company after several years of research and development in the data analytics and Blockchain applications has finally completed the conversion of its whole network provisioning from a traditional voice and data carrier into the first carrier in the world to provide voice hubbing services with blockchain certification.

Vu-chain is the first platform in the world which helps certify and verify the service and network integrity. The platform is running a real time anomaly detection,  and the use of the blockchain network helps ensure the veracity of the call, the anomaly detection and proof of network and service abuse.

Vu-chain is a unique platform supported by the following components:

  1. Artificial Intelligencesupport systems (AISS): own made algorithms to get real time data monitoring and anomaly detection;
  2. Distributed Ledger Technology(DLT): data are registered through the worldwide blockchain network, as a “single source of truth”.
  3. Combined processing of the AISS and DLT, to control the network and service integrity and transparency within the entire carrier chain and prevent fraudulent calls.
  4. User friendly customer-based web portalto get report about the service and network integrity and anomaly detection

The Vu-chain service is built on Hyperledger Fabric, although other blockchain architectures and infrastructures could be used . The main core is to certify the service integrity in the provisioning of telephone call (local, national, international), from the carrier of origin, so called “the calling party”, to the destination carrier so called “the Destination Party”. The certification of telephone call using the blockchain network combined with own made algorithms for anomaly detection reduce and most likely eliminate any network and service abuse which may occur within the supply chain.

This is and will be a huge revolution in the field of telecommunications, as Vu-Chain is a service able to verify and certify all local, national and international voice traffic exchanged with any network provider.

And for this reason thanks to this new technology VuetTel and the world of telecommunications is going to change forever.