italian business oscars 2019

VueTel invests in Tunisia and proposes new data and voice transmission tender

VueTel, an Italian international telecommunications company based in Rome, has put forward a new tender centred around SD-WAN technology and Software-defined wide-area networks. The project aims to improve the way in which data and voice communications are transmitted between branches, data centres and the cloud to increase flexibility, speed and security whilst reducing costs for all Italian and American companies with one or more offices in Tunisia.

As stated in a note, VueTel is in partnership with the American company Village Universel Corporation, based in Hackensack, New Jersey, US. Thanks to this partnership, companies with one or more sites, operational branches, plants or offices in Tunisia can benefit from a service enabling them to communicate with each other, and with all other offices around the world, via a fast and secure internal network.

This tender proposal was recently presented at the 2019 Italian Business Oscars, an event organised by the Tunisian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Tabarka. The event was established to award Italian entrepreneurs in Tunisia and operators who, thanks to their business activities, have contributed to the consolidation and development of economic relations between the two countries. The tender will then be proposed at international level to companies based throughout the world.

Thanks to a worldwide network of strategic operators and partners, VueTel is able to operate in regions such as North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa; areas which, despite having their difficulties, show great potential. The company has also implemented an overseas data network to connect the United States to the African continent, thus strengthening its position as an increasingly important international point of reference for the African market.


Source: Vuetel Press office