Vuetel is growing, the United States is leading the group

gary merlinThe American division of Vuetel strengthens its ranks with the entry into the Group of Gary Merlin, the new Director of Operations.
In this way, the telecommunications company increases its presence in the United States with a new resource who will have the chance to increase the business.

The position reserved to Gary Merlin will help the COO Todd Baron in the functions that will strengthen the services the company offers to its partners.

“Gary is a telecommunications professional with an experience of over 20 years, the skills honed during his long career represent a valuable human capital for the entire Vuetel group.”, states Todd Baron COO of Vuetel USA.

In fact, Gary Merlin perfected his professional experience within IDT Corporation, first as Director of Strategic Operations and US Routing, then as Director of Carrier Operations.


Vuetel in the United States works in a type of market characterized by the presence of competitors among the largest in the world, which however often do not have a precise focus on the Mediterranean area.
Over the last year the company has made major investments to expand its offer.