VueTel Italia and Epsilon together to grow in Africa

VueTel Italia chooses Epsilon as its development partner.

A company’s strength can be often measured by its power to attract and choose the right partners, and this is certainly one of the reasons that brought Vuetel Italia to become one of the two leading italian telecom companies to provide services across the Mediterranean and African countries. Amongst it’s tight nit network of strategic partners there is Epsilon, one of the main carrier and service providers in the world, with over 500 operators in over 170 countries.

In 2014 Vuetel Italia and Epsilon inked an agreement that guarantees Vuetel’s access to Epsilon’s network through the POP Global Hubs. The objective is to assist Vuetel’s strategic business plan over a five year period. In fact the two companies have a common vision: planning for growth means investing in the future.Accordingly, in 2014 Vuetel Italia increased by 50% its presence on Epsilon’s offices in London, which still remains one of Vuetel’s main hubs.

La presenza di Epsilon nel mondo

La presenza di Epsilon nel mondo

Africa’s expanding telecommunication market.

“Epsilon has the expertise, the experience and the connections in Africa to give strength to our activities”

said Emanuela Bevilacqua, Vuetel Italia’s CTO, after the agreement was signed. The african telecom sector is a growing market with a great potential. For this reason it attracts more and more operators, and Epsilon has been witnessing this phenomenon.

“La rapida crescita delle TLC in Africa ha comportato che un numero sempre crescente di operatori avesse bisogno di un accesso efficiente alla connettività locale” afferma Clint Collins, responsabile Medio Oriente e Africa di Epsilon, “Per questo ci siamo concentrati sullo sviluppo delle nostre relazioni nei mercati africani. Il nostro modello di servizi si sposa perfettamente con le esigenze di questi ultimi”.

Vuetel Italia has been one of the first companies to understand the potential of investing in the African continent. It’s strategy was based on two cornerstone principles: co-development and integration of knowledge and expertise. These are rewarding efforts that the company will certainly continue to undertake.

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