VueTel Italia hosted by “ La Sapienza ” University

CEO of VueTel Italia, Giovanni Ottati, was welcomed by the “ La Sapienza ” School of Economics on the occasion of a series of events named “The school meets companies”. During the initiative, there were discussions over telecommunications, work, and investments in Italy. Additionally, the Company announced a partnership with the School to hold a series of meetings dedicated to the world of telecommunications and the respective career opportunities.

Telecommunications: a business to discove

“The telecommunications sector offers great opportunities, but this is often overlooked in Italy”. It was with these words that Giovanni Ottati, CEO of VueTel Italia, began his speech before the graduating students of the “La Sapienza” University School of Economics in Rome. The Director, who was a guest at the event “The School meets Businesses”, told the students about the birth and development of the Company, which in just a few years has managed to establish itself and succeed internationally in a complex and highly competitive sector. Ottati illustrated the numbers of the telecommunications market and explained the reasons that led him place his bets on such a difficult but profitable area, such as Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean Basin.

The CEO also addressed the issue of the relationship with Italy, emphasizing the desire to keep the Company’s top players in the country because, as he explained “we believe in Italian talent and creativity”. This decision has been confirmed by concrete investments, such as the Open Hub Med project, which will create a point of reference for international data traffic in Carini, Sicily.

“ La Sapienza ” and VueTel Italia

Young Italians know little or nothing of the telecommunications business, the professionalism it entails, and the employment opportunities it offers. This is why VueTel Italia has entered into a partnership with the “La Sapienza” University to carry out a series of seminars devoted to this subject in 2016 at the School of Economics, during which students will have a chance to meet the Managers of the Company and to interact with them. At the end of this process, the most worthy students who participated will be given an opportunity to join the Company through internships. 

The initiative confirms VueTel Italia’s choice to focus on new talent. “We have always decided to have confidence in brilliant and entrepreneurial young minds who are capable of dealing with clients from around the world, working in teams, and taking on great responsibility”, explained Enzo de Ceglie, Organization and Management of VueTel Italia. CEO Giovanni Ottati also stressed that this choice has proved to be successful and has contributed to the success of the company.