VueTel Italia invests in the young talent of CUS Roma Rugby

Shared values

VueTel Italia is coming down on to the pitch alongside CUS Roma Rugby for the 2015/2016 season, as a partner to the Senior team and shirt-sponsor for the Under18s. The Company is thus launching itself into the world of sports sponsorship, choosing to support one of the capital’s major competitive outfits.

VueTel Italia is an Italian telecommunications company active in the wholesale voice and data sector, with a focus on very complicated but profitable markets, such as the Mediterranean basin and Sub-Saharan Africa. The partnership between the Company and CUS Roma Rugby highlights shared values: those which are key to rugby, which reach out from beyond the boundaries of sporting activity and are applicable in the world of work and business. Tenacity, loyalty, a sense of responsibility, the ability to face difficulties and the unexpected, playing as a team: these are key ingredients both for winning a match and for building a new company and making it successful.

Focus on youth

VueTel Italia is a young business with an international flavour whose strengths lie in innovation and the ability to have a vision of the future. In developing its core business it has always chosen to invest in the talent of young professionals, from both Italy and abroad, realising their potential. In this way it has managed to build up its own success and, in the space of a few years, establish itself in an extremely complex sector, dominated by important and experienced players.

This commitment towards young people is also behind the Company’s decision to support the CUS Roma Rugby project, which aims to realise the potential of emerging athletes, supporting them until they reach the first team. The sporting ethos of the Rome team, then, coincides with the business ethos of the Company: to nurture developing talent in order to build a strong future.