VueTel Italia grows thanks to the talent of its professionals

VueTel Italia invests in young graduates

The field of international telecommunications services is highly competitive and requires the continuous development of skills, tools and processes of analysis and management of data as well as the ability to compete in a multicultural and multilingual environment. The qualities that people must have to succeed in this sector are above all courage and the will to operate in a highly dynamic and constantly evolving context.  For these reasons, VueTel Italia has chosen to invest in new young graduates, both in Italy and abroad. From 2012 to today, the number of employees has tripled, with a growth in the last year of 31.8% compared to the previous year. In addition, in 2016, a further and significant increase in the number of personnel is envisaged. Young people are selected based on their ability to work in a team and to organize their own activities. The multinational profile of the company requires not only appropriate language skills  (excellent English plus another language), but also the willingness to work abroad.

Selection and training

The selection of personnel is a critical moment for the company and is followed by constant training, mostly on-the-job. Two types of training are provided: both new recruits and employees who move from another department are ensured proper training and staff who have been chosen for career advancement are provided with professional updating and upgrading, which will be different for employees who remain within the same department and those who, on the contrary, change fields. VueTel Italia has introduced for the second quarter of 2016 new multimedia classrooms, which will involve both the high level managers of the company and qualified international professionals in teaching roles. We have set two objectives: to offer professional updating of a technical type and to create a path of development for managerial skills and competencies.