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VueTel USA, founded in the first months of 2015, has obtained the telecommunications license F214 in order to operate in the US market.

The company is part of the VueTel, a telecommunication Group established in 2009 that works in the international wholesale voice and data service market, with a specific focus on the Mediterranean countries and Sub-Saharan Africa.

VueTel USA owns a telephone exchange in New York installed at the Digital Realty Data Center since 2014.


VueTel USA, Inc. was incorporated on May 24, 2015, in the State of Delaware with the aim of providing international wholesale Voice and Data services in the United States of America, mainly focusing on the Mediterranean countries, the Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle-East.

Moreover, VueTel USA can praise its competitive and solid position as a consequence of the strong and long- standing Business relationships that VueTel group has always carried out in the African territories with the most important PTTs and African Telecommunication companies. Indeed, the Group sales revenues have grown to 127 million, with a double figure increment respect to 2015 (+20%).

VueTel can count on a high-quality network characterized by a high-level of technological innovation and security. The whole network is completely redundant, guaranteeing business continuity and disaster recovery.


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