industrie 4.0

What industry 4.0 speaks about?

When we talk about Industry 4.0, we always refer to the “fourth industrial revolution” – that process that comes after the steam, electricity and information revolution.

The term appeared for the first time in 2011 in Germany at the Hanover Trade Fair.

Industry 4.0, however, travels on very different frequencies than those which generated the previous evolutionary hops. In all reality, the process has already begun and no one, including Italy, has stood by idly.

Interconnection is the key word and the new digital technologies follow and will continue increasingly to follow four primary development guidelines.

Industry 4.0: calculations and interconnections

Big data, which we have talked about in this article, along with the Internet of things and cloud computing, will be at the centre of the information storage.
Analytics: data analysis. Every time there is information, we need to know how to read it in order to give it value. And it is through machine learning that this takes place, making it so that software and applications can learn and perfect the operation through the collection of a certain amount of data.

This is where the man-machine relationship comes in. What does this mean?

All of those technologies that act as a bridge between being human and being digital, facilitating human access to certain technologies. Some of these, just to name a few, are: all of the touch functions that are currently available, visors and augmented reality.

Lastly, as the fourth point, we have additive manufacturing, robotics and all of the newer and newer technologies to create and/or store energy, taking industrial performance to its maximum potential.