VueTel. The global voice and data carrier

Africa and Mediterranean area are now more connected to the rest of the world

VueTel. The global voice and data carrier

Africa and Mediterranean area are now more connected to the rest of the world


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We offer international voice transit and termination services, ensuring continuity, quality and competitiveness to our customers thanks to a complete and flexible offer.

Voice Offer: International Transit and termination in TDM/VoIP

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We aim to increase connectivity of African countries and the Mediterranean area with the rest of the World, offering a wide range of integrated solutions that can meet all needs.

Data Offer: IP Transit – Vpn IP Mpls– Ethernet link – Leased Lines

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A cutting-edge tech infrastructure and highly skilled staff to ensure not only continuity and security of services, but also high quality with clear and competitive prices.


Networking, in-situ presence and strategic partnerships to connect Africa to the rest of the world, relying on the strength and prospects of this continent.


Quickness and determination are the essential requirements to take up the global challenges. In VueTel this is possible thanks to an efficient and rapid organization.

VueTel is an Italian company working in the international market of wholesale voice and data services. Its target markets are the Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan African countries.

Over the last few years, VueTel has experienced a solid and rapid growth process in a market that many others consider to be complex, being able to take the opportunities offered in the TLC sector by the African continent. Being aware of the changes and trends in the world, which will involve also its focus markets more and more in the next future, since 2015 VueTel faces a new challenge: that of data services.

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