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giovanni ottati

Giovanni Ottati elected Vice-President of Confindustria’s Council of International Representations

17 September 2020/by VueTel

VueTel, the first Italian-Palestinian industrial partnership come to life

Vuetel Italia and REACH, a Paltel group Company, will create…
9 September 2020/by VueTel

US Roma rugby 1947, inauguration of the new sport season

Rome, July 7 - Vuetel and US Roma Rugby 1947 together to develop…
8 July 2020/by VueTel

Sudan in the international community –

Read the complete article in Italian:
“Il Sudan di nuovo nella…
15 June 2020/by VueTel

Industry 4.0 and digitalization: what about security?

Emergency coronavirus, now it is clear that technology has assumed…
12 June 2020/by VueTel
giovanni ottati

Sudan: The three strategic corridors, the interview with Giovanni Ottati

SUDAN - "Sudan can represent a strategic corridor linking Asia…
11 June 2020/by VueTel

Edge computing: what future for telcos?

The growth of the distributed model could generate new turnover…
10 June 2020/by VueTel

Towards a digital citizenship: how do we manage our data?

The continuous technological progress requires continuous renewals…
4 June 2020/by VueTel

Africa Day 2020, Facebook live streaming

Today, March 25th is the Africa Day.

This event is celebrated…
25 May 2020/by VueTel

Africa Day 2020, Italy and Africa united against the pandemic

25 May 2020/by Alessandro Pasotti
submarine cable

Africa, a submarine cable to break down the digital divide

In order to break down the digital divide in Africa Facebook…
21 May 2020/by VueTel

Africa, the resources of the territory against the crisis

It now seems quite clear to everyone that in this global crisis…
19 May 2020/by VueTel
african union flag

Covid, Italy can start again with Europe and Africa

The Accademia dei Lincei has approved a first document that briefly…
15 May 2020/by VueTel

Malware: in Italy almost 3000 sites that use coronavirus

On our blog, we have already covered the topic of malware in…
13 May 2020/by VueTel
contact tracing

Coronavirus tracking apps: how do they work?

For some time now, the world has entered a critical phase, full…
11 May 2020/by VueTel