Welcome to VueTel Italia

We set up strategies to enter new markets, we share with our clients our knowledge, expertise and competitive intelligence system. We started from telecommunications and digital transformation industry, but we are expanding our footprint to other fields.

We are not only interested in providing you with strategic consultation and guidance, but we are also genuinely interested in being involved with you in your business. We seek to show total confidence in our recommendations by partnering with you and sharing your risks


Our mission is to provide our partners with our experience, expertise, our vision and technology in the international markets. We want to be the partner of choice for individuals and organizations that want to grow their business in the international market together with us.


We want to be the most innovative and disruptive in developing international corporate strategies

Company Profile

Vuetel Italia started as international Telecom Service Provider in June 2009 The company became worldwide leader very quickly providing extensive network coverage in many key countries in Africa. Thanks to its wide experience and practice the company realized it could extend its current portfolio by acting as a partner for all Telcos in Africa.

From 2022 Vuetel has enlarged its focus on all companies that want to expand and extend their business in Africa. Vuetel Italia aspires to join with his knowledge, expertise, business relationships all individuals and corporates that want to grow in the international market.With a history of experience and knowledge in a multitude of markets, the company can ensure quick access to trade and development opportunities as well as to the best
key players in Africa.

Creativity, entrepreneurship, courage are the key values for our organization, but commitment to success with all our stakeholders is our golden rule.



VueTel was born in Rome in 2014.

2017 VUETEL U.S.A.

Start of VueTel USA operations

The first Italian Palestinian industrial partnership

Start of the operation in Ramallah

2022 Vuetel Italia

Start International corporate strategies Consulting services

Company Profile

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