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VueTel awarded at the Networking Day of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo

Read here the press review: http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/it/notizie/rubriche/economia/2019/04/17/tlc-vuetel-premiata-da-confindustria-assafricamediterraneo_89551577-7908-46b1-8996-aba9d30d4ed5.html http://www.btboresette.com/vuetel/  http://www.greatnews.it/vuetel-premiata-al-networking-day-confindustria-assafrica-mediterraneo/ https://etleboro.org/g/a5de33337fe2b806d6e60e6a1b9aa12cit/tlc-vuetel-premiata-da-confindustria-assafrica&mediterraneo

Finland and China are already thinking about 6G

The world is still preparing for the implementation of 5G, but progress never stops. Somewhere, someone is already thinking about 6G, the next data communication standard. Given that it will be from the end of this year that we will begin to have smartphones supporting 5G architectures, which we discussed in this article, 6G is […]

US Roma Rugby, this is what we mean for passion

Saturday, January 26th US Roma Rugby with the touch rugby team players took part in a day that will hardly be forgotten by sports fans. The Bisonti, Frosinone team, have welcomed our boys in the sports facility of the Rebibbia District House, with the warmth and passion that distinguish a splendid sport like that of […]

MACFRUT 2019, the presentation to the African embassies

February 13th it was presented in Rome at the African Embassies in Italy “MACFRUT 2019 – Africa under the spotlight”, promoted by Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo. Also present at the event was Giovanni Ottati, president of the Confindustria association, to give a strong signal oriented towards development and productivity. MACFRUT 2019 is an important event created […]

Strategy Morocco, the country is moving ahead

BECAME PART OF THE AFRICAN UNION IN 2017, MOROCCO IS MOVING AHEAD THANKS TO A STRONGER INTEGRATION WITH THE SUBSAHARIAN AREA by Giovanni Ottati, President of Confindustria Assafrica & Mediterraneo In Italy there is a hiatus of knowledge about economic Morocco, one of Connext’s leading countries. Known in Italy mainly as a tourist destination (11.3 […]