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US Roma rugby 1947, inauguration of the new sport season

Rome, July 7 – Vuetel and US Roma Rugby 1947 together to develop youth rugby in the Pietralata district of Rome. Giovanni Ottati, President of Vuetel confirms the company’s support for the US Roma Rugby team for the 2020/2021 season. The most ambitious goal of the company and of US Rome is to make rugby […]

Edge computing: what future for telcos?

The growth of the distributed model could generate new turnover for fixed and mobile operators thanks to the development of new services for 5G and IoT networks. But cloud providers and OTTs also participate in the game. The role of prefabricated modular data centers and energy efficiency technologies is fundamental The development of edge computing […]

Towards a digital citizenship: how do we manage our data?

The continuous technological progress requires continuous renewals for “digital citizenship”, to protect their rights and personal data which too often risk falling into the wrong hands. Continuously, large companies operating in the tech sector are required to manage and access personal data in order to offer full transparency regarding their use, through well-known informed consent. […]

Post Covid crisis, an acceleration towards Industry 4.0?

When we talk about Industry 4.0 we usually mean that fourth industrial revolution that includes partial or total automation of production processes. An evolutionary trend that is intertwined with the even wider world of the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning. In our blog we have already touched on the topic by delving into […]

Africa Day 2020, Facebook live streaming

Today, March 25th is the Africa Day. This event is celebrated all over the world because it symbolizes African unity, emphasizing its diversity, its success, its economic potential and its cultural resonance in the rest of the world. Although World Africa Day tends to celebrate African culture or the history of the continent, it is […]